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What You Should Know if You Live Alone

March 3, 2011

Not all my posts are about marketing and public speaking!

Do you live alone?? Here’s something you should think about:

One day, in a galaxy far, far away, while driving home from the grocery store, I spied an ambulance & fire-truck in front of an elderly neighbors home.

I ran over and as they took Amy out on a stretcher, I said “I’ll take care of the dog! Don’t worry!” and off they went. I tracked her down at the hospital and visited: sure enough, she’s had a stroke.  It turns out she had no relatives in Austin, so soon after myself and a few friends were taking care of Max – a precocious little …well, ball of fur!  He was adorable, but clearly “missing Mom” without Amy.

Are you prepared for an emergency of this type?  Especially – if you live alone!!?  We all can learn from this – a list of “emergency phone numbers” somewhere near the phone so a neighbor or friend can call those who should be called; maybe a list of lawyers and doctors!  You never know – if you’re taken away by ambulance, is the person left behind someone who knows you well??

Be prepared!

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