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No Blackmailing, Please.

April 3, 2011

OK, ok, so not everyone is a great speaker – but we always hope that our elected officials are better than average. Not this week, they’re not!

At an Austin Chamber of Commerce event recently two city council members tried to talk the crowd out of voting for Proposition 1 & 2, which the Chamber feels is too restrictive and costly. Instead of acknowledging the emotion behind the signatures that got the props ON the ballot – they just blackmailed the audience with “if you pass this we won’t fund THAT park or THAT library or this road or this….employee”.

We can only hope that the constituents (the microscopic amount that actually DO vote) will be smart enough to see that the wording in the Props is a tad harsh, and vote accordingly.

But really, guys. Don’t threaten us – we won’t fall for it; or at the least, it will just make the ones on the fence mad enough to vote….YES.

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