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Stage Presence – From a (wheel)chair

April 3, 2011

Wow – I have to share with you information about the most dynamic young woman I met recently.  Amy is a Girl Scout, who I am coaching for a speech she will give next week at a prestigious Girl Scout function here in Austin.  She is a Senior in High School, and very much looking forward to graduation (she knows how many days by heart: 34).  She is challenged physically, and uses a electric wheelchair – and believe me her resume makes mine look amateurish! She has spoken on disabilities to our State House of Representatives, to the US Congress in Washington D.C., and even handed out awards with Geo Bush, Sr. at a ADA anniversary celebration!  She has been EVERYWHERE!

Admittedly, some days I feel life is overwhelming — don’t we all feel that way sometime?  Well, next time I feel that way, I’ll think of Amy – with the power and gumption to succeed – and succeed wondrously – in every challenge endeavor she’s encountered!

Thank you Amy, for being a wonderful role model for girls everywhere – and especially for me!

[reposted from my previous blog]

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