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Public Speaking Tips

October 3, 2011


  • Let go!  Never “grab” or lean on the lectern (you’d be amazed how many are not attached to the table.
  • If you’re over 40, like me, print your notes or bullet points in LARGE PRINT!!  You never know how weak your light might be, and you’re paper is farther away from your eyes at the lecturn.
  • Look at one person at a time – if you’re not comfortable looking at one person in the eye, look at one shape and blur your eyes…keep your eyes on one person for each THOUGHT – don’t move your eyes around alot or you will look shifty-eyed!
  • Make a point – tell a story. Make a point – tell a story.  This tip from David Brooks, World Champion of Public Speaking in 1990.  Telling stories is easier to remember than a speech.  If you forget one, no one knows except YOU!
  • Don’t read a speech — it’s amazing how bad your eyelids look when you’re reading from a page – no matter how lovely you might look face to face!  Remember your points, maybe use bullet points on the page — but don’t READ!!
  • If you don’t have a podium or lecturn – DON”T HOLD YOUR NOTES!  The slightest shake of the hand makes paper flip, flop and flutter!!  Best to use file cards if you must!

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