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Need to Practice Your Public Speaking Skills?

January 3, 2012

Recently I attended  a meeting of the West Austin I Toastmasters Club.  That day,  two politicians (or actually, candidates) came to give speeches so that they could be critiqued by our club.

What a great idea!  Haven’t we all heard HORRIBLE speeches by candidates (or, worse yet, already elected politicians) and said to ourselves “why don’t they get speech training??” – I’m sure you’ve said it to yourself, no matter your party affiliation, no matter who was speaking.  There is room for improvement on all levels!

I’m thrilled that these two candidates are willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to get their skill level up to par, and to step into the arena of public service in the first place.  It’s a rough road out there: I admire their stamina, dedication to a cause, and thick skin ( a necessary requisite these days).

How about you? Are you an attorney that has a big client presentation, or public presentation to a group, coming up — and you’re just a little unsure of how well you might do?  Certainly I advocate hiring a professional to coach you through the process: but that might not be your “thing.”  So check out a local Toastmasters group! Not all allow non-members to speak, but some certainly do!




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